Kick off in Shutka. Summer 2011

Summer 2011 we went with the Norwegian quintet Pentabrass and some additional horns on a joint brass tour to Skopje, Dojran and Bitola. We also held a kick off at the new FTM music school in Shutka. The experience made a huge impact on the Norwegians, who alle are very motivated to come back and continue to support the project.
We will let the pictures tell the story, mainly from the kick off in Shutka (Photos are from our Facebook page).

Nyttårsstemning i Shutka

Sissel har vært på nyttårsbesøk ved musikkskolen i Shutka. Her er noen bilder fra spilletimer og familiekonsert i vinterkulda.

Brass Tour – Summer 2013

In summer 2013 we went on a brass tour in Macedonia. We travelled with some of our FTM Horns, Shutka Brass, A Gypsy Band from Stip and students from Oslo, Stip and Skopje and together we played concerts in Stip and Skopje. A lot of music was enjoyed, several new friendships were made and several of old friendships were nourished!

Photos from the tour (from our Facebook page):