Professors to Norway 11-18.mai 2018



 Seminar I Norge for våre samarbeidspartnere I Stip og Struga/ Ohrid, Makedonia:
Lazar Mitev, horn og Slaviza Despotova, saxophone, Stip, og Sneze Popova, sang og harmonia, Struga /Ohrid.

Professorene var invitert for en uke 11.-18.mai der det ble satt sammen et program med observasjon av undervisning, mesterklasser og konserter, samt å oppleve 17.mai.

Fredag og ankomstdagen hadde vi først en felles lunsj, deretter observerte de Low Keys hornkvartett på Oslo Kulturskole. Dette er en kvartett som har dette i tillegg til vanlig undervisning, og vi jobber 2 timer ca. annenhver uke. De opptrer på flere av kulturskolens konserter. Denne dagen spilte vi igjennom programmet vi har brukt inneværende år.

Slaviza Despotova; Stip:

 On 11.5.2018 the invitation became a reality, I could not believe my eyes! Plane landed on time and Sissel was waiting us with a warm smile and wide hug. The nature we watched while traveling along the highway to Oslo was a paradise for the eyes and soul. We arrived at the people where we were accommodating Olav and Toril ; these were the people you want to have beside you forever in your life. We spent the weekend in Oslo and the opening of the folklore festival and the sightseeing of the museum and the houses from every part of Norway. It was exsperiance and see part of the exhibits and material things and their music.

Kommentarene fra våre professorer gikk på relasjonen og tilnærmingen vi har med våre elever, noe som ble bekreftet mange ganger I løpet av uken. Vi møter eleven der de er, og utvikler dem. I Makedonia må elevene passé inn I et system som er svært lite fleksibelt. Kvartetten har mye latter og spilleglede, og vi jobber med musikalitet og intonasjon I tillegg til tekniske og noterelaterte ting.

Sneze Popova, Struga/ Ohrid:

First day, we had a chance to visit Oslo Kulturskole where Sissel works and leads French horn quartet. My first impression was the relationship among pupils and teacher. The class started and continued in a very relaxing atmosphere, where you could see the pupils felt very comfortable and pleasant and happy to be there. The teacher (Sissel) was really kind with them and were asking them to play something they had play before, so they did. The giggled and had fun, but the class had a good balance of having fun, playing instruments and respecting the teacher and us, as their guests. Then, I had a chance to exchange some of my skills as a music theory teacher by teaching the students some body percussion played on a Second waltz by Schostakovic. Even though tired and exhausted from the long trip, I had the most beautiful first impression of Norway educational system.

Lørdagen var vi en tur på Holmenkollen, og på ettermiddagen inviterte vi Makedonia venner til grilling. Været var fantastisk 12. Mai, og det ble en nydelig ettermiddag i solen.

Søndagen delte vi oss, noen dro på sightseeing på Bygdøy mens Sneze og jeg møtte felles venner.

Vi var først på NRK og hørte på Trygve Aarvik og KORK gjøre en innspilling av Habbestad Obokonsert, som er skrevet til Trygve. Vi gleder oss til  den kommer ut, det er virkelig nydelig musikk.


Monday started with the wonderful sound of the oboe. The sound of the oboe and fresh melody captivated me , it was for me enchanting melody. Concerto for oboe and orchestra. 1 hour passed, we had to go and hold the program Sissel had organized for us. We visited the store for musical instruments, and we were allowed to choose something as a gift from FTM . I was happy when I saw what choice they have of reed for my instrument . I got some I tried and FTM gave me . At 14h I met Vibeke, teacher of saxophone in grefsen school .She let me attend her lessons with kids and see some of her methods and the flexibility of teaching.She invited me the next day to attend other classes with her to another school. Of course I accepted the invitation.

VI dro så en tur på Korpsbutikken på Røa, hvor de fikk plukke litt rekvisita som FTM ordnet med god støtte av  butikkeier Freddy Bagge.
Deretter delt vi oss: Sneze og Slaviza ble sendt ut i byen med kart og veiledning, Sneze til Sølvi Hansen på Abildsø skole og Grønland kulturstasjon med sang og kor i fokus, Slaviza til Grefsen skole og Vibeke VIllum med saxofon i fokus, og Lazar ble med undertegnede til Voksen skole og hornundervisning.  Begge er gode kolleger i Oslo Kulturskole.


Sølvi and we went to have class with the school choir. Pupils age was between 6-10. I found it very interesting, because I’m a music teacher for young students as well, as they always had something to share with the teacher while they were preparing to find their seat and start the class. And again, very relaxing atmosphere, happy pupils, smiles on theirs and teachers face. They started with warming up the whole body and then their faces. Then they warm up by singing several children songs that included both singing and motion and than started the choir rehearsal. Teacher had complete control over the rehearsal and over chores she asked from the pupils, but they really had a lot of fun.

Tirsdagen møttes vi på Foss videregående, musikklinja, med trombonist Ole Kristian Hanssen og sanger Nina Lundberg. De fikk observere undervisning, overvære lunsjkonsert og samtale med lærerne. Senere kom de alle tre til Bekkelaget skole, der de observerte flere av lærerne som underviste der, saxofon, klarinett, slagverk og horn.


We met teacher Nina there and she and her colleague explained that it is not a formal concert but just a few students that wanted to show their talents. It was short but really nice, and I was so impressed by the school and the pupils that performed. My biggest impression was the conversation and class we had with teacher Nina afterwards. She showed me some singing warming up techniques that I’ve never heard or seen. In Makedonia we were taught to sing with a full voice using our breath and than it was always difficult when we were supposed to sing soft (piano). Nina showed me a method how to find my falsetto voice and then change it into a full voice. I had a chance to try and work with her and she was very kind to show me and let us watch her working with her pupil afterwards. I really enjoyed a lot and wrote a lot of notes on how I am going to share the whole experience with my students.

Onsdag formiddag ble det en liten shoppingtur før vi møttes på Norges Musikkhøgskole og fikk en mesterklasse/ foredrag med Frøydis Ree Wekre.  Lazar spilte for henne og fikk god input på naturlig pusteteknikk, likeså de andre to som observerte og var aktive med spørsmål.

From the Masterclass with one of the most famous professors by horn in Norway and Europe, Frøydis, So we were working on a technique for breathing, how to set up when we play solo and in the orchestra, the way we sit when we play in the orchestra, holding the mouthpiece, intonation, dynamics and many more things related to the horn.

Om kvelden var vi så heldige få å billetter til premieren på Don Giovanni, på Den Norske Opera og Ballett. Flott musikk, og en spennende og flott versjon av operaen!

Så langt har professorene fått med seg kulturskole, musikklinje, musikkhøgskole og det profesjonelle nivå.

SÅ kom 17.mai. VI fikk gå bake Gjallarhorn musikkorps fra Steinerskolen på Hovseter, og oppleve barnetoget og feiringen, og ikke minst, vinke til kongefamilien! Etter barnetoget hørte vi på festkonserten ved Karpedammen, men Oslo Symfoniorkester og solister fra både kulturskolen og musikklinjene.


The evening was reserved for the opera Don Giovanni. The Opera house was set by the sea, and we took a great pictures on the roof with the wind. Then we went back home and prepared for the great big day of Norway. We got up early and got ready, it was a wonderful morning. At 9 o’clock, Sissel and Sneshe came in front of the building. Sissel was dressed in a beautiful traditional outfit . All were wonderful people were happy, smiling men and women dressed in traditional clothes, and those who were not in them were dressed in the most beautiful clothes they had for this special day. They were very proud of their country.

It was their most beautiful day to which we had the joy to participate, and we could feel their joy. We went with the parade, and the Queen and the King saluted us with a smile and waving. Then came the celebration dinner at the home of our Olav and Toril. The dinner passed with a lot of laughter and joy, I was lucky that tomorrow I will see my family, but also sad that I will leave Norway; a land in which every person wants to live if you see it.


Oppholdet ble avsluttet med en rolig middag hos Olav Jarle og Toril, hun styremedlem i FTM, og neste morgen bar det tilbake for dem.

Her er noen tilbakemeldinger fra dem:

Lazar Mitev, Stip:

I attended the classes of Sissel, Of these classes I have many things to do with my work with the pupils (vocal and piano acting, playing Stamp and Clark Clips and compositions from the Sissel book).
Attending together with Slavica and Snezha in Opera Oslo where I heard the opera Don Dzozani. We had the honor to attend the Day of Norway on May 17th, when the grand parade in Oslo sparked over 113 orchestras bypassing the Royal Palace and the palace in order to salute the royal family.


The whole visit was an experience to remember, but most importantly it changed my point of view as a teacher: to be able to meet the students by their level of skills, understanding and interests; to be more open to new methods of teaching and to become a better, positive, motivational and inspirational music teacher.


Fra FTM sitt perspektiv er  det tydelig at dette var vel verd innsatsen, og at våre venner kom hjem med inspirasjon og nye tanker. Hensikten er ikke at de skal kopiere oss nordmenn, men at de kan få nye ideer og utvikle sin egen metodikk og tilnærming, og totalt sett heve nivået og kvaliteten på sin egen undervisning og elever. Samtidig I møte med dem blir også vi oppmerksomme på våre egne metoder, og det er aldri bortkastet med en evaluering og justering av eget perspektiv.

Vi ser fram til videre samarbeid, nester under blir på deres hjemsteder.

Sissel Grøndahl

Leder Friendship Through Music.